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Welcome to GT's Digs!

"Dig your own artifacts, and keep what you find!"


Dig with us!

We operate most weekends and sometimes during the week (Fridays) as well if we can fill enough spots or if a decent sized group is interested. Possibly even some night digs if enough people are interested in those.  Prices vary with season & soil conditions. Full-Day Hand Digging/Surface Hunting IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE SEVEN DAYS A WEEK FOR ONLY $60!

Full day Screen Digs are available. Click on the Book A Dig Today button for more details!! Children under 12 are free to dig with just one paid adult entry!! Digs generally run 8am to 5pm with an hour lunch break at noon.

You’ll want a canopy to keep the sun or rain off your back. Gloves for sure. The rubber palm knitted gloves work best and they are cheap. Bring any drinks or food you want. Any tools you may want for moving the dirt across the table. A lot of people use shrimp rakes or trowels or garden tools. Hat sunglasses camera sun screen.

We are always looking for new land lease opportunities and are always expected to check out possible Camp sites all around Texas so if you or anyone you know have land with any natural water resources on them there is a pretty good chance you are sitting one a camp site as old as 13 THOUSAND YEARS OLD! OR OLDER! CONTACT US NOW FOR A FREE LAND CONSULTATION!


Frequently Asked Questions

What state are we in?

- We're located in Texas.

What town are we in?

- We're located in Elgin, TX.

What hotels are around?

- Holiday Inn Express and Quality Inn Located in Elgin, TX.

Do we offer military discounts?

- Yes! GT's Digs offers 10% to military personnel.

Can you bring coolers and drinks?

- Yes! We recommend to bring your own coolers and snacks, and of course drinks to stay hydrated,

Do we have bathrooms?

- Yes, including showers.

Do we sell gift certificates?

- Yes, gift certificates are located in our shop.

Do kids get in for free?

- Yes, kids under 12 get in for free with adult entries.

Do you sell merchandise?

- Yes, we have GT's Dig hats, t-shirts, stickers, and more!

Do you keep what you find?

- Of course! Anything you dig up and find, you get to keep.

What are ideal tools to bring digging?

- A good pair of gloves, pop-up canopy, loaded cooler with snacks and drinks, chairs, and a case and/or toolbox to keep your artifacts and other tools organized.

How much is camping?

- Camping is currently $25 per tent.

What forms of payment are accepted?

- Payments that are accepted are Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, and all major credit cards.

I booked my first dig appointment, what next?

- Before arriving to the dig site, please have the rest of the payment for the dig appointment. Be sure to bring any supplies necessary to ensure a smooth digging session at GT's Digs!


Below is a list of our current services we offer, and growing!

We currently offer public and private digging operations to digging enthusiasts!

If you're a property owner would like your property evaluated, give us a call @ 512-514-4779 for a property evaluation and earn money!

Public Digs

Private Digs

Site Property Evaluations



Interested in Digging? Book Now!

Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
Sat: 8am - 5pm
Sun: 8am - 5pm


150 Little Sandy Dr. Elgin, TX 78621


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