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Our Services

GT's Digs is proud to provide public and private digging services, as well as camp site surveying for land-owners! If you believe your land as a potential camp site on it, please contact us for surveying and make some extra cash!

Public Digs

Machine operated 5x10 tables, with 8 hours of screen time, with an hour lunch (12 P.M. - 1 P.M.), restrooms and showers are available at the shop as well!

Camp Site Property Evaluations

If you have natural creeks or rivers, and  suspect Native American camps, we can determine how large the camp is and summarize how to move forward from there!

Private Digs

Private Digs are either private groups of up to 10 people, OR with an option of a premium shaker table event of up to 4 people, the sessions last 8 hours with lunch included (12 P.M. - 1 P.M.).

People love GT'S Digs!

Zach Jensen

"Thanks to Gene Tolbert for a great weekend on the tables. We did one day on the screens and the majority of the next on the shaker. Can’t say enough how worth it the shaker upgrade is if you can swing it. The hand diggers had fantastic days as well."
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